Orbital Casino – Review

Space… the final frontier… erm, oops! Too much TV… but let me tell you that it’s no surprise that I feel like I’m in a different time and place when I visit the most unique casino on the Net – Orbital Casino.

Although Orbital has been around for some time now, there is no gambling experience quite like Orbital’s. 3D space rendered theme, complete with a very unusual but workable game selector, and best of all, the software is Microgaming – one software manufacturer you can be sure of. Although they carry less of the Microgaming stable games than some of the other casinos, most of them are custom-designed to bring you the unique space theme that is Orbital’s signature. Maybe they will add some new ones in the future…

Orbital gives you $10 just for signing up and having a look around. And if you make a deposit of $50, they will give you another $40 – making that a 100% bonus proposition matched by few casinos on the Net.

Playcheck and Accountcheck features are available as is the case at all Microgaming casinos, so you can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that you can audit your own account and play if necessary. Proc Cyber is the transactions processor for Orbital – again, one of the bigger processors so you have little worry about problems in the future.

Payment and support issues are the key at any Microgaming casino – and as far as that is concerned, you have absolutely no reason to believe that support here will be anything less than top-notch.

Not all of us will get to go into Space like businessman Dennis Tito hopes to (he paid the Russians for a ride to the Space Station) – but let me tell you that Orbital will surely give you that sensation. You absolutely must visit this casino for its uniqueness and its great games.

So I cashed out a nice payday. Lo and behold, the money was in my account a week later.

Can’t beat that for timely payments! Obviously they keep their promises and deliver prompt payments.

Naturally, Blackjack Ballroom Casino also has the usual Playcheck and Accountcheck facilities common to all Microgaming casinos. Their support was quite fast and efficient. Play was smooth and easy – although occasionally there have connectivity problems, they are few and far between.

You can also find your favorite Microgaming progressive slots here, including Cashsplash and the progressive Supajax video poker. And of course they carry a large complement of table games and slots – way too many to mention, but I will tell you that Microgaming has far and away the best selection of games – and Blackjack Ballroom Casino has many of them right in one place.

You won’t go wrong here. Even if I hadn’t hit a royal flush, I would have had no hesitation at all in recommending them.