Japanese Bank Introduces Online Betting and Casino Game for ATMs



Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd in central Japan will offer roulette game at its automatic teller machines (ATM) when customers finish transferring funds starting in September. The game, called Lady Luck, will appear at the end of a transaction and allow customers to play for up to 1,000yen in prize money.


A spokesperson for the bank called using ATMs ‘impersonal and lacking in communication’. “We wanted to add some fun,” he added.


This represents the bank’s second gaming option for customers after last years launch of an on-screen slot service.


“Our customers enjoy it very much,” the spokesman said.


Schwarzenegger Signs More Gambling Deals for California


arnold-schwarzeneggerLOS ANGELES (AP)– Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once opposed unlimited expansion of gambling on Indian lands, has signed deals with several tribes allowing them to install tens of thousands of new slot machines.


The latest of the amended state gambling compacts were announced Wednesday _ two agreements that would allow the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation to install up to 3,000 new slot machines at its El Cajon casino and resort, and the Yurok Tribe to install the first 99 slot machines on its reservation in Humboldt and Del Norte counties.


Earlier in the week, the administration announced deals allowing three other tribes to increase the number of slots they operate from 2,000 to 7,500 each.


The largest casinos in Las Vegas only have 3,000 slot machines. In return, the agreements substantially increase the amount of casino revenue tribes pay annually to the state’s general fund. Over the life of the contracts, which typically last 30 years, the deals could send tens of billions of dollars to the state’s coffers.


The Online Betting contracts require approval from the U.S. Department of Interior and ratification by the state Legislature. It was unclear how many of the pacts might be approved by lawmakers before they adjourn on Thursday. Opposition arose from family values and anti-gambling groups, as well as labor unions.


Schwarzenegger, who demanded during his 2003 campaign that tribes pay a “fair share” of their gambling profits to California, has called each of the amended compacts a great deal for “the state, the tribe and the local communities.”


Ladbrokes Won’t Pursue US Sportsbetting Market


Taking a cue from BetOnSports, British bookmaker Ladbrokes has decided delay its entry in the US market, and instead opted to tap into the Italian market by way of a €100 million (£68 million) joint venture investment with Italian betting company Pianetta Scommesse.


The decision was reached after Ladbrokes chief executive Chris Bell, conceded that the predicament of BetOnSports had impinged on the company’s review of the US market for Internet gambling. Bell admitted that any potential to provide the US market with online casino and poker games hinged on the outcome of the forthcoming Bill, with the chief executive claiming “it remains a wait and see situation.”


The company’s venture into the Italian market is believed to be the first step in a planned investment programme of €100 million over five years, with a strong focus on both Internet and terrestrial betting models. Ladbrokes has acquired a 51% share in Pianetta Scommesse for an estimated €1.3 million, making Ladbrokes an accredited operator with the future option to buy out its partner.


The move comes after Ladbrokes gained independence through the sale of the Hilton International hotel chain in February, and comes prior to the expected deregulation of the Italian gambling market.