David Williams won $3.5 million finishing second in WSOP – Judi Online24jam



The first hand in which they engaged each other also happened to be the last of the 35th Annual World Series of Poker. It’s a hand that’s been much discussed on Internet poker sites, one that will be dissected ad nauseam when ESPN airs the Judi Online24jam final installment.


Williams had ace-four off-suit and only about half of Raymer’s chips, a distinct disadvantage when playing heads-up. He decided to play aggressively and led with a $300,000 raise. Raymer casually called with a pair of eights.


“He didn’t look at it for too long, so I didn’t think he had a pair,” Williams says. “A pair of eights, heads-up, is usually a hand where you have to stop and think how you want to play it. Do you want to call or re-raise? But it takes a second.”


Williams had what he thought was a good “read” (a combination of calculation, observation and instinct that gives you a feel for what your Judi Online24jam opponent might be holding). It turned out to be the wrong read–something that happens to every player. It just happened to Williams at the worst possible moment. The flop came down two-four-five. Raymer, in good shape with a pair of eights, craftily checked. Williams, who made a pair of fours, figured the flop didn’t help Raymer. He bet $500,000.


“The only hands that beat me there are three-six and ace-three [to make straights], or a five and [a higher] pair would beat me,”Judi Online24jam Williams says. “But…I thought I was ahead in the hand. If not, I had nine outs.” (Meaning if he wasn’t already ahead, any one of nine cards remaining in the deck could make his hand the winner.)


Rather than call this time, Raymer raised $1.6 million. Williams instantly called. It was the quick reaction that drew the most criticism from poker pundits.


“I’m a quick thinker,” Williams says. “I Judi Online24jam always play like that, and I also thought I was ahead, so it didn’t take me much time. I went with my gut–and that’s usually the right thing to do. People say I should have slowed down. They say if I had, I would have figured it out. But it’s like, no, I still would have called.”


The fourth card was the two of hearts. Raymer, holding two pair–eights and twos–bet $2.5 mil. Williams called.


“If I raise there, I don’t want to give him a chance to fold,” Williams says. “I want to give him another chance to bet at it.”


Raymer obliged. The fifth card was the two of clubs. Raymer went all-in, and Williams immediately called. They each had a full house, but Raymer’s was better–eights and twos, while Williams had fours and twos.


The whole hand took maybe two minutes. Just like that, Raymer was thrusting his hands into the air and Williams was left to watch another man celebrate.